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Welcome to a scrappy little print studio in the Piedmont.

She's a work in progress.

Veramine Press

A private press and creative studio run by Naomi María.

She designs and produces items featuring traditional, digital, and experimental printing techniques. Despite an education in traditional methods, she has a rather loose definition of printmaking.

Photo of a printing press and some tools used in printing.
Photo of Naomi Maria in her studio with her dog.
A lil’ somethin’ about

Naomi María

I’m an art director, designer & illustrator in advertising with a BFA in something else—printmaking.

After watching a letterpress documentary, I decided to cobble together a print studio to combat burnout. It started with one ill-informed purchase of a press from Idaho and now I have five. I bought some fonts, made some fonts, and regularly DIY bits and bobs needed for my practice. Veramine Press is a work in progress, an adventure, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately a good time.

What is veramine anyway?

Veramine is a green variety of quartz also known as prasiolite. I'm a big fan of green rocks and gemstones, all my Morgan Sign Machine Company presses are painted a metallic green, and the word is pretty. So here we are.

Photo of prasiolite crystal specimen. Photo: Didier Descouens - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, view origin.

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